Drawing John Snow…

So I’ve just finished my tenth portrait and I’ll pop up the rest shortly but I’ve just finished this one…I’ve had to wrestle with it and I’ve also joined an urban sketching group and will pop up some of these drawings but here you go….

Happy birthday David Jason!

So all my life I’ve been a massive Only Fools and Horses fan and after visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in town today and then looking at some Andrew Gormley sculptures as well as attending the Chinese New Year celebrations, I thought I’d see if I could draw the star of Only Fools, Del Boy himself, David Jason to commemorate his 79th birthday….so here it is:

Drawing Emilia Clarke…

So I’d just finished my two drawings yesterday and had a look on instagram and noticed this absolutely stunning photo of the beautiful Welsh actress Emilia Clarke and thought “Well, I’m gonna have to try to draw that now aren’t I?” This is a spur of the moment portrait and usually I’d spend much longer…especially on the mother of dragons herself but here you go….I’ve also added a touch of colour in the second one:

Here you go; I do like what they’ve done with her hair.

I also tried to add a bit of colour but I always end up a bit like a black and what photo that’s been coloured in:

See what I mean?

And here’s the photo it’s based on…..

She just looks fantastic.

Roy Hodgson

Hey, so I’ve been working in Winchester and randomly decided to take a late break…Pleased I did though! As I left my office, turned right and noticed a familiar face….I muttered “woy!” and I thought I knew who it was and as I got a bit closer, I said “Hello Mr Hodson”, he replied “hello”…And, that, frankly, made my day. The former England Football Manager saying hello to me was quite nice….so naturally, I thought “right, I’ve got a new subject to draw now!” and here you go, my portrait of the man himself, the current Crystal Palace manager and former Blackburn, Fulham, Malmo and England Manager Roy Hodgson (his hair is pretty much white now though).

Okay, it’s not 100% done yet but I thought I’d pop up what I’m currently working on.

Macho Man Randy Savage…

So I woke up this morning and, as I’m sometimes partial to doing, I watched a bit of WWE Wrestling; in this case, Raw. Now, I’m quite a fan of their current female roster (it’s, in my opinion, much better than their male one at the minute for wrestling skill and showmanship). I’m a fan of the Huggermaniac, Bayley, who’s just flat out lovely and she was wrestling. Now, I’ve noticed she wears garments not dissimilar to those of an 80’s and 90’s wrestling hero of mine, Macho Man Randy Savage but I assumed her finishing move was a belly-to-belly (or Bayley-to-Belly) suplex but she got up on the top rope and went full on Macho Man with the elbow which I thought was a nice homage. And it reminded me of a really old sketch I did of him….and the time I met his brother Lanny, so I’m gonna post both of those up….awesome memories.

He was the cream of the crop, ohh yeah!! Diggit!

And here’s me meeting his brother Lanny (The Genius), in the centre with Jimmy Hart, Bushwacker Luke and Tugboat.

Arise Sir Michael Palin, you absolute legend!

So I’m so chuffed for my traveling hero and comedic legend, Michael Palin that he’s finally being knighted for his services to travel and global information (as opposed to just comedy). He’s been absolutely everywhere (including North and South Poles and Korea’s!) So I thought I’d post up one of the photos of the time I got to meet this amazing fellow….Just, please…ignore my stupid hat! :s

Yes, please excuse the silly hat but I was growing it a bit long back then.