Traveling through Egypt

Hey, so last year I took a week long trip from Cairo down to Abu Simbel near the border of the Sudan. I took a train from Cairo to Aswan but before that saw the pyramids. I’ll show you a photo below but I’m thinking of drawing a portrait of either the pyramids or the Sphynx (which is a lot smaller than you might think) I went at quite a dangerous time as the incident near Sharm-el-Shiek happened but believe me, the Egyptians I met whilst visiting were amazing and sailing up the Nile in a Felucca, meeing and having dinner with a Nubian family and riding a hot air balloon over the valley of the kings and lots of other things were all utterly amazing and there’s just so much to see there….Anyhow, here’s a couple of photos.

I did this all with a company called G Adventures who were amazing.