Muhammad Ali in pencil…

So whilst I took a break from my main Tony Stark project (which is done by the way), I thought I’d have a go at an iconic photo of Muhammad Ali in Pencil…..and a bit of charcoal so here is the greatest himself. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…..

He looked a bit like a former Manchester United player but I stuck with it and I think he’s okay.

Argh Saints, you always let me down.

So I’ve just finished watching the Southampton vs. Derby game on TV and…as usual, I get let down as Saints lost…I try not to get too disappointed these days though as I’m kinda used to it and try not to invest too much emotion in it as it only gives me a headache.

I was a season ticket holder for about a decade though and, in my youth, when in hospital, was visited by Matt Le Tissier, Tim Flowers and Alan Shearer…well, I was virtually asleep at the time and they queried if they should bother waking me up…..of course they should and they did and I’ll treasure that memory but obviously as time goes on I’ve gotten other interests but always keep an eye out for saints.

Anyhow, I suppose that’s a good way to include a portrait drawing I did a while ago of one Matthew Le Tissier (or Le God as he was known in these parts)…so here you are, I hope I’ve done him justice:

Matthew Le Tissier

Okay, granted, he’s a fair bit younger in my drawing than he is now but hey? A portrait is just a snapshot of any given time.

Roy Hodgson

Hey, so I’ve been working in Winchester and randomly decided to take a late break…Pleased I did though! As I left my office, turned right and noticed a familiar face….I muttered “woy!” and I thought I knew who it was and as I got a bit closer, I said “Hello Mr Hodson”, he replied “hello”…And, that, frankly, made my day. The former England Football Manager saying hello to me was quite nice….so naturally, I thought “right, I’ve got a new subject to draw now!” and here you go, my portrait of the man himself, the current Crystal Palace manager and former Blackburn, Fulham, Malmo and England Manager Roy Hodgson (his hair is pretty much white now though).

Okay, it’s not 100% done yet but I thought I’d pop up what I’m currently working on.