I made a bit of a fist of expressionist acrylic painting….

Hey, again, sorry for not posting for a week or so but I’ve been running around like crazy working and working on my art…But I thought I’d pop up my current attempt at acrylic painting…I actually quite like it…

I like the way I’ve used colours that wouldn’t normally go together to produce a coherent fist…my first.

Oh Carol!…Sorry….I did it…

Hey, so my old mum is a huge fan of Neil Sedaka and before my operation I saw his CD in Winchester and promised her if it was still there, I’d buy it…I did and, of course, I did a quick sketch of the fella behind the music to maybe the best scene in the first Deadpool movie…

U can’t C this….just kidding

Hey, so further adventures in drawing….well, I’m stuck in bed, I have a couple of books but I thought I’d look at some web imagery and tutorials and as mentioned before, I am a bit of a wrestling fan….so I’ve drawn one of the greats in the wwe…John Cena and…..here he is…

Those crazy dots (Stippling)

Hey, so I really liked the look of the technique known as stippling….using dots to describe light and dark areas. It’s really interesting to me as I have a couple of degrees in IT and, of course, printers and imagery are judged by “dots per inch”. So I thought I’d continue working on this as I’ve seen skyline pictures I’ve drawn and thought “bugger, stippling would be perfect for that! So I’ve included a few of my notes which might come in handy.

Ancient medieval bargate with a gruesome history

So I woke early this morning and did a quick doodle in pen and pencil of my city, Southampton’s. medieval, grade I list building, which was once the main entrance to the city….or the old walls as they are now called. Either way, as happens and is called progress, Southampton has expanded incredibly since it’s time of construction, taking in the former leper colony outside the gates and now classed as the city’s civic centre, the Marylands and then the Marlands, in which stands a 1920’s guildhall, former police station and clock tower which all replace the Bargate for usage.

Anyhow, I just fancied drawing it in a mixed media way with both pen and pencil so here it is:

The medieval bargate in Southampton
And here is a link to the building’s wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bargate

Good Morning 2019!

Hi everyone so I did decide to ink in the sound II sculpture and I think it looks a lot better to be honest. It’s also prompted me to work a bit on my cross contour lines using pen and I’ll insert both below to show you what I mean.

I think it looks better than the rough pencil sketch anyhow.

And this led me to think about cross contours with pen and ink and my notes (along with an ear example, I’ve included below:

As you can see, I did a few notes initially in pencil and then some in pen but I’ll think I’ll continue working on this as cross-contour lines are really important in drawing.