Oh Carol!…Sorry….I did it…

Hey, so my old mum is a huge fan of Neil Sedaka and before my operation I saw his CD in Winchester and promised her if it was still there, I’d buy it…I did and, of course, I did a quick sketch of the fella behind the music to maybe the best scene in the first Deadpool movie…

Inguinal Hernia

Sorry for not writing for a couple of days but I’ve been in hospital have keyhole surgery for a hernia I’ve been waiting a year to have (bloomin NHS); I’m making sporadic walks to my kitchen but I’ve been written off for two weeks and am just generally resting up. I’m trying to do a few sketches but at the moment am finding myself a bit tired. I’m used to hospital treatment however, what with the hydrocephalus but after I get out of bed, aside from feeling dizzy with a few headaches, it doesn’t really restrict my movement so this is new for me…Still, it’s only apparently 6 weeks before I can hit the gym again….In the meantime, here’s a sketch I did before I went in….

It’s one I did of my favourite singer of all time, Michael Jackson.

Drawing George Harrison

Hey, so George was always my favourite Beatle….he just seemed very nice and had a wicked sense of humour….he also funded a lot of Monty Python movies so I thought I’d sketch him…and here he is….my view of him anyhow….

I think he looks quite serious here but he’s got a cheeky smirk there too 😀

Paul Mccartney

So I’m thinking about trying my hand at landscape drawing. I wish I knew how to before as it would have come in very handy with all the places I’ve seen: The Taj Mahal, the great wall of China, the Pyramids and things like Sydney Opera House. But until then, here’s my current favourite sketch:

My dad reckons it looks more like Richard Beckinsale from Porrige but I kinda think e’s talking nonsense.