Happy birthday David Jason!

So all my life I’ve been a massive Only Fools and Horses fan and after visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in town today and then looking at some Andrew Gormley sculptures as well as attending the Chinese New Year celebrations, I thought I’d see if I could draw the star of Only Fools, Del Boy himself, David Jason to commemorate his 79th birthday….so here it is:

Painting Palin with Pencil

As an avid traveler under 40 in the UK, I’m required to be a massive fan of Michael Palin…and I am, he’s an absolute hero of mine and whenever I get the chance to draw him…I do; I’ve met him several times and seen his stage show but what amazes me most about him are his travels. He’s been everywhere from the Amazon to North Korea (and pretty much everywhere in between); he’s aped Phileas Fogg and Livingstone and done it all in a very charming, British manner…so I’ve tried a new technique here; I’ve shaded the shadows and pretty much the whole drawing before I inserted a few lines mainly for the eyes…and here he is