Good Morning 2019!

Hi everyone so I did decide to ink in the sound II sculpture and I think it looks a lot better to be honest. It’s also prompted me to work a bit on my cross contour lines using pen and I’ll insert both below to show you what I mean.

I think it looks better than the rough pencil sketch anyhow.

And this led me to think about cross contours with pen and ink and my notes (along with an ear example, I’ve included below:

As you can see, I did a few notes initially in pencil and then some in pen but I’ll think I’ll continue working on this as cross-contour lines are really important in drawing.

Happy New Year!

So on my lunch break at work today I decided to pop down to Winchester Cathedral and do a pen and ink drawing of Anthony Gormley’s Sound II, now, I got a bit carried away with my pencil sketch but I will put it in pen and ink I promise (but I’ve got the new year to celebrate first!) But either way, here’s where I’m currently at:

As I say, it needs a fair bit of work as this took me about 10 minutes but it’s unusual to actually see the statue’s legs s they’re usually underwater.