Happy birthday David Jason!

So all my life I’ve been a massive Only Fools and Horses fan and after visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in town today and then looking at some Andrew Gormley sculptures as well as attending the Chinese New Year celebrations, I thought I’d see if I could draw the star of Only Fools, Del Boy himself, David Jason to commemorate his 79th birthday….so here it is:

Drawing George Harrison

Hey, so George was always my favourite Beatle….he just seemed very nice and had a wicked sense of humour….he also funded a lot of Monty Python movies so I thought I’d sketch him…and here he is….my view of him anyhow….

I think he looks quite serious here but he’s got a cheeky smirk there too 😀

Painting Palin with Pencil

As an avid traveler under 40 in the UK, I’m required to be a massive fan of Michael Palin…and I am, he’s an absolute hero of mine and whenever I get the chance to draw him…I do; I’ve met him several times and seen his stage show but what amazes me most about him are his travels. He’s been everywhere from the Amazon to North Korea (and pretty much everywhere in between); he’s aped Phileas Fogg and Livingstone and done it all in a very charming, British manner…so I’ve tried a new technique here; I’ve shaded the shadows and pretty much the whole drawing before I inserted a few lines mainly for the eyes…and here he is

Roy Hodgson

Hey, so I’ve been working in Winchester and randomly decided to take a late break…Pleased I did though! As I left my office, turned right and noticed a familiar face….I muttered “woy!” and I thought I knew who it was and as I got a bit closer, I said “Hello Mr Hodson”, he replied “hello”…And, that, frankly, made my day. The former England Football Manager saying hello to me was quite nice….so naturally, I thought “right, I’ve got a new subject to draw now!” and here you go, my portrait of the man himself, the current Crystal Palace manager and former Blackburn, Fulham, Malmo and England Manager Roy Hodgson (his hair is pretty much white now though).

Okay, it’s not 100% done yet but I thought I’d pop up what I’m currently working on.

Traveling through Egypt

Hey, so last year I took a week long trip from Cairo down to Abu Simbel near the border of the Sudan. I took a train from Cairo to Aswan but before that saw the pyramids. I’ll show you a photo below but I’m thinking of drawing a portrait of either the pyramids or the Sphynx (which is a lot smaller than you might think) I went at quite a dangerous time as the incident near Sharm-el-Shiek happened but believe me, the Egyptians I met whilst visiting were amazing and sailing up the Nile in a Felucca, meeing and having dinner with a Nubian family and riding a hot air balloon over the valley of the kings and lots of other things were all utterly amazing and there’s just so much to see there….Anyhow, here’s a couple of photos.

I did this all with a company called G Adventures who were amazing.