Capitol pen and inked

So I’ve traveled around the world a couple of times and I like to remember where I’ve been and I’ve essentially been to Washington DC four times and I think I’d like to try to draw a few of my highlights. So essentially, here’s my version, now, I’ve taken a couple of liberties due to the size of the paper I’ve used but here you go; If I’m honest though, the Capitol building looks so much better from the inside. The fresco under the rotunda is amazing! Check this out, really, it looks fantastic:

But anyhow, here’s my attempt to draw the building by pencil itself:

I’ve tried to not make it look too much like the Riechstag…which I’ve been in as well but hey, here you go.

Down by the riverside.

Hey, so since I’ve been stuck in bed, I’ve been trying to up my pencil drawing game a bit and tried to imagine a scene that includes a riverside, trees and just looks very peaceful….so here’s my first try….

I’d like to think it’s somewhere in the New Forest.

But hey, if you wanna check out the place this is based on:

Argh Saints, you always let me down.

So I’ve just finished watching the Southampton vs. Derby game on TV and…as usual, I get let down as Saints lost…I try not to get too disappointed these days though as I’m kinda used to it and try not to invest too much emotion in it as it only gives me a headache.

I was a season ticket holder for about a decade though and, in my youth, when in hospital, was visited by Matt Le Tissier, Tim Flowers and Alan Shearer…well, I was virtually asleep at the time and they queried if they should bother waking me up…..of course they should and they did and I’ll treasure that memory but obviously as time goes on I’ve gotten other interests but always keep an eye out for saints.

Anyhow, I suppose that’s a good way to include a portrait drawing I did a while ago of one Matthew Le Tissier (or Le God as he was known in these parts)…so here you are, I hope I’ve done him justice:

Matthew Le Tissier

Okay, granted, he’s a fair bit younger in my drawing than he is now but hey? A portrait is just a snapshot of any given time.

Inguinal Hernia

Sorry for not writing for a couple of days but I’ve been in hospital have keyhole surgery for a hernia I’ve been waiting a year to have (bloomin NHS); I’m making sporadic walks to my kitchen but I’ve been written off for two weeks and am just generally resting up. I’m trying to do a few sketches but at the moment am finding myself a bit tired. I’m used to hospital treatment however, what with the hydrocephalus but after I get out of bed, aside from feeling dizzy with a few headaches, it doesn’t really restrict my movement so this is new for me…Still, it’s only apparently 6 weeks before I can hit the gym again….In the meantime, here’s a sketch I did before I went in….

It’s one I did of my favourite singer of all time, Michael Jackson.

That sphinx, some reckon he’s a bit of a cat :D

So my last sketch before I went home last night was of the Sphinx in Giza, which is far smaller than you might think!….I touched it’s paw and I just couldn’t believe, considering it’s age, how great it looked….Sans the nose.

It’s absolutely dwarfed by the pyramids in the background but it looks amazing.

Bored in hospital

Hey, so I’ve just had keyhole surgery for a hernia and couldn’t be bothered to pay crazy prices for the TV….so what did I do? Of course, I drew. I drew some of my adventures in Egypt and I’ll pop a few up over the next couple of days but I’ve got a sicknote for 2 weeks so I’ve got plenty of time for a few more…… I give you, Rameses the great at Abu Simbel….

Crazy fact for ya….Those figures next to his legs are his beloved daughters….another fact, they don’t think he was the one who banished Moses but rather his son Merenptah.

Sick in hospital

So, I’ve been sat on a chair in a day unit at Southampton General Hospital today (where I probably will be tomorrow too) and all I could do was stare out a window….So I got my pen and sketched what I saw…..

Bit worried about that crack!

Drawing in the park…

So, as promised, after spending most of the day in hospital waiting for and operation tomorrow, I’ve finally gotten around to uploading the drawing I did this morning in the park outside my apartment…..I hope you like it as I’ve used a little bit of artistic license on bits here and there…..Did I mention Alan Shearer was married in this church?

Really taken a fair few liberties with this one but please forgive me….I blame the nippy dog wanting me to throw the ball every 5 minutes.

Ideas for leftovers…

Hey, so it’s Sunday and I’ve just come back from doing a bit of an impressionist sketch down the park but I was thinking about all the chicken I have left from yesterday…see below…I’m just checking out the bbc goodfood guide for suggestions (like chicken and pasta, curry, noodles etc) but check this ton of beer can chicken I have for maybe a week…I hear I can freeze and refreeze it so I should be good…but as I say, it’s an awful lot! (p.s. I’ll post up my sketch from this morning later).

Excuse the bluriness…it was still a bit hot.