A belated MLK day drawing.

So I’ve been to Washington several times, and stood where he stood giving his famous speech. It’s only fitting that there is, in the US, finally a day to celebrate the life of the man who truly believed all men were created equal.

I give you my tribute to Dr Martin Luther King Jnr.

Drawing the Mona Lisa

Hey, so it’s been another day stuck in bed after my operation so I’d been thinking again of where I’ve been. To get to my brother’s wedding, I once caught the train from Southampton in England to Barcelona in Spain and stopped in Paris on the way. Whilst in Paris, as everyone should, I stopped in the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa of course and she….A bit daring I know since she’s a Da Vinci masterpiece….was the subject of today’s sketch and I’m sorry I haven’t got up to use my scanner and have just taken a photo…but here it is:

She needs work, but I’m reasonably happy with her so far.

U can’t C this….just kidding

Hey, so further adventures in drawing….well, I’m stuck in bed, I have a couple of books but I thought I’d look at some web imagery and tutorials and as mentioned before, I am a bit of a wrestling fan….so I’ve drawn one of the greats in the wwe…John Cena and…..here he is…

Bad sketching

Hey, so I’m in bed thinking of what to sketch, then I notice my Michael Jackson’s Bad LP (yes, I am a bit of a hipster, I have 9 of my favourite LP’s on the wall with a record player next to my guitar….which I can play…..so-so….anyhow, I digress, I took my sketch pad out and thought I’d have a go at drawing the artwork for the Bad front cover)….Bare in mind this is only a sketch, but boy, it’s tricky as Michael Jackson was changing his look every five minutes in this era but anyhow, here’s what it looks like so far….definitely needs a lot of work though:

See, needs a fair bit of work, I started the arm and torso contours and realised he needed buckles and stuff for his jacket.

Mount Rushmore in charcoal

Many years ago I took a white ford van for 6 weeks around the United States and obviously I saw many things….and, will probably draw lots of them but I thought I’d try somewhere I’ve been in charcoal and well…that kind of monument in South Dakota seemed perfect, so here’s my attempt. Charcoal is really quite nice and easy to smear….now that has it’s good and bad side. I must also say, you really should visit….it’s much smaller than you’d imagine.

Here it is, sans the odd actor approaching for photos.

First try with charcoal…

It’s messy isn’t it?….But when you get past that, it is a lovely medium for drawing with. I spent an hour or so looking at some tutorials and then decided to give it a go myself so here are my first efforts with charcoal. 1. an eye and 2. My quick attempt at the Lincoln statue in Washington DC. It really can get very dark, which is great…..

I do like how dark charcoal can get.
I actually enjoy photographing this beautiful statue in DC.

A new medium….

Hey, so the last drawing I did just, in my opinion, lacked the darkness and depth I like so I thought I’d try out a new medium….This being charcoal as I’ve heard good and bad things about it and here are my tools:

As you can see, as usual, I’ve gone with some Derwent pencils as they tend to be really good (I sound like I’m advertising; I’m not, I just know what works for me) and a Winsor & Newton sketch pad. Both of them are awesome and if you don’t have an art store next door to you….like me, They can be get by sites like Amazon. Really worth it though.

Drawing Emilia Clarke…

So I’d just finished my two drawings yesterday and had a look on instagram and noticed this absolutely stunning photo of the beautiful Welsh actress Emilia Clarke and thought “Well, I’m gonna have to try to draw that now aren’t I?” This is a spur of the moment portrait and usually I’d spend much longer…especially on the mother of dragons herself but here you go….I’ve also added a touch of colour in the second one:

Here you go; I do like what they’ve done with her hair.

I also tried to add a bit of colour but I always end up a bit like a black and what photo that’s been coloured in:

See what I mean?

And here’s the photo it’s based on…..

She just looks fantastic.