Hello and welcome to my blog! I’ve spent the last few years uploading photos of my experiences on various other sites but I thought it might be great to create a blog and put things all into one place.

Anyhow, hi, I’m Darren and I’m a guy with a neurosurgical condition called hydrocephalus but I don’t think it defines who I am or what I do but thought I’d mention it to…well…get it out the way. So welcome to my blog site.

I’ve extensively traveled around the world; worked in several countries and met a great many interesting people as well as this I’ve been doing martial arts for about a decade; I play the guitar…not brilliantly but I try, I’ve a couple of IT degrees and absolutely love drawing and art so this blog is going to be about what interests me and…well? If they interest you too, welcome in! I’ll be trying to section off each of my interests so it’s easier to navigate but until then, thanks for stopping by.

Please feel free to have a look at my blog where I talk about random stuff like adventures, new art techniques I’m learning etc.