Macho Man Randy Savage…

So I woke up this morning and, as I’m sometimes partial to doing, I watched a bit of WWE Wrestling; in this case, Raw. Now, I’m quite a fan of their current female roster (it’s, in my opinion, much better than their male one at the minute for wrestling skill and showmanship). I’m a fan of the Huggermaniac, Bayley, who’s just flat out lovely and she was wrestling. Now, I’ve noticed she wears garments not dissimilar to those of an 80’s and 90’s wrestling hero of mine, Macho Man Randy Savage but I assumed her finishing move was a belly-to-belly (or Bayley-to-Belly) suplex but she got up on the top rope and went full on Macho Man with the elbow which I thought was a nice homage. And it reminded me of a really old sketch I did of him….and the time I met his brother Lanny, so I’m gonna post both of those up….awesome memories.

He was the cream of the crop, ohh yeah!! Diggit!

And here’s me meeting his brother Lanny (The Genius), in the centre with Jimmy Hart, Bushwacker Luke and Tugboat.

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