Hey and welcome to my blog!

Thanks for joining me! I’m gonna use this site to keep a blog of my adventures but I’ll start with what I’m currently working on. But hey, it’s boxing day here and I’ve just spent the day working on getting over the bloating from the day before and working on some of my sketches. I’ve always loved drawing; have signed up to an evening art class and well? I suppose that’s what I really enjoyed when I worked for three years as a cartographer at Ordnance Survey…A chance to draw for a living…I’d absolutely love that but anyhow, I’ve just started digitally saving my drawings and I’ll post a couple of my favourites up below…please enjoy:


I’ve turned into one of those hipsters who enjoys listening to music on an old record player and as a bit of a guitarist I absolutely love Eric Clapton and I briefly sketched the above drawing from the back of his wonderful MTV unplugged album.


And above is my Marvin Gaye sketch from this “What’s going on” Album. My mum bought me some colour pencils for Christmas and I thought I’d add a slight bit of colour, i.e. the yellow suit he wore below his mack.

By h0ckeyd

Hey, I'm just a guy who loves travel, art and music. Thanks and I hope you enjoy joining me on my adventures.

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